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  • We work for clients who understand the role of the brand in raising the value of their product for consumers and in inspiring certain feelings and impressions associated with its consumption.

    Our clients do not keep to the beaten track, but try to see ahead, foresee their consumers’ behavior and offer them something new.

    Our clients are not afraid to dream and to achieve the most daring of those dreams.

  • Great brands form a new lifestyle for their consumers, help people to dream and to find stimuli for moving forward.

    All the rest simply function as additional value and an excuse for a higher products price.

    To make a great brand is more expensive, more time consuming and harder. The second option is cheaper and faster. Easier. The difference lies in the result.

    We prefer the first option.

  • We only work on projects for which we can guarantee our 100% involvement and passion.

    Only when all parties enjoy the process of work can their project generate outstanding results.

  • We are demanding towards ourselves. But we are demanding towards our clients as well.

    For our part, we invest a lot of time and human resources into every project. But we also call for the client’s active involvement.

    It is impossible to create a successful project without maintaining communication between the parties.

  • Small things create great ones. We pay attention to every detail of a project. We are scrupulous with trifles.

    Attentiveness and refinement require time. Our projects are not momentary.

    We do not have too many projects in progress, but we guarantee a certain result for every project that we undertake.

  • Every task is unique. Every project is thought over and realized individually.

    We have no standard methods or patterns - we have common principles.

  • We try to make a real phenomenon out of every project. This phenomenon is something that does not exist on the market now, but that will set trends in the category tomorrow.

    To do that, we go beyond the limits of product categories, beyond the limits of marketing and of the standard branding process.

  • The Trench helps its clients win the battle for consumers’ minds and increase business profitability owing to this. The range of tasks that the company solves covers the following spheres:

    Strategic sphere

    • consumer segmentation
    • development of positioning concepts at the launch of a new brand or at the creation of a brand portfolio
    • brand health audit
    • repositioning of an existing brand
    • search for insights necessary to develop a creative platform
    • development of concepts for new products and services, communication concepts

    Tactical sphere

    • testing of positioning concepts, communication concepts, products
    • studies on the evaluation of price elasticity.