Inspirarium is our kitchen laboratory

Here we cook «tasty» breakthrough solutions. We experiment,
try, combine hard-to-combine things, think, talk, keep silence
and think again. And only after that we draw.

Every project implies the recruitment of a team composed of people from different spheres:
journalists, technologists, sociologists, entrepreneurs, designers, heavy users — a creative team to work on the project.

They are united by the presence of many «UNs»: unconditional thinking, unusual view of the category and unconventional idea generation process. We always welcome Client’s involvement in the inspiring and interesting process of generating new ideas.

Inspirarium’s objective

For all members of a project team (the Client and the creative team) to go beyond the frameworks of conventional knowledge about the category and start speaking the same semantic and visual language

We use our own
projective techniques

Using projective techniques in the idea generation process lames it possible to discover «authentic» (not imposed from the outside) semantic fields, values, solutions, consumers’ dreams

Gradual and conscious process of generating unique brand ideas that are popular with consumers

Ideas are born at all stages, but at the creative brainstorming stage they give a synergetic effect in the form of ONE MAJOR IDEA that will become the basis of design and communication

Formulating a problem
and setting a mission

We push consumer experience through special filters to obtain great ideas as a result

  • Unusual people with an unconventional view of the category
  • Using projective techniques to deviate from conventional thinking
  • Special medium/ creative atmosphere
  • Spirit of the game (the best ideas are awarded)
  • Brainstorming with lateral thinking techniques
  • A team speaking the same language (client, creative team, consumers)