Ideas for new products, package and marketing communication

November 28, 2014, 10:00-14:00, Moscow
Participants: CEOs, marketing directors, brand managers

The category of snacks in Russia is a synonym to the category of chips with Lay’s being an undisputed leader in it. Is it possible to move Lay’s aside on the shelf and create something bright in the NON-chips category?

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During the discussion, we will share insights in such categories as chips, snacks.


  • Are there niches for new products? Are there differences in different audience’s expectations of the category?
  • What, apart from its taste, can stimulate interest in the product? Taste-related trends?
  • Role of package in product choice and in the context of product consumption experience? Are there opportunities for differentiation? What are consumers’ expectations?
  • How can we create new consumer experience while staying within the category context?
  • Recent examples of innovative solutions in the category.
  • What communication solutions can we suggest to make the brand stand out and stimulate interest in it?
Participation request