Healthy Nutrition

Ideas for new products, package and marketing communication

January 30, 2015, 10:00-14:00, Moscow
Participants: CEOs, marketing directors, brand managers

There is a growing amount of consumers who are not indifferent towards what they eat, what they feed their family and children with, what they take to treat their diseases and what products they use in household routine. What is the influence of this trend on buying habits in various categories: from food, pharmaceuticals to household chemicals? In what way can the trend towards healthy nutrition be used in a corresponding category?

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During the discussion, we will share insights concerning healthy nutrition in various FMCG and Non-FMCG categories.


  • Changing a consumers’ lifestyle in the context of the trend towards healthier nutrition. Changes in buying habits and product choice factors.
  • Peculiarities of different audiences. What is healthy nutrition in the context of different categories?
  • Is there cross-category experience? What is its influence on category development?
  • What are the changes in expectations of package material and design?
  • What is a pharmacological lifestyle and what is its influence on the development of categories?
  • What marketing mix should be offered to attract health-conscientious consumers?
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