Branding in Pharmaceutical Industry

Ideas for new products, package and marketing communication

March 26, 2015, 10:00-14:00, Moscow
Participants: CEOs, marketing directors, brand managers at pharmaceutical companies

Competition in both OTC and RX categories is moving from product characteristics to brand benefits. No one is surprized now that the package of pharmaceutical products is becoming an important instrument of communication with target audiences.

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During the discussion, we will share insights about establishing effective marketing communications with physicians, pharmacists and consumers.


  • Trends in the recommendatory behavior of pharmacists and physicians of different specialties
  • Factors influencing recommendations of medications
  • Role of brand in the recommendatory behavior of physicians and pharmacists
  • Role of brand in communication with end consumers
  • Ideas on establishing effective communications with a professional target audience and end consumers
  • Widespread practices/ approaches to positioning prescription medications in the market
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