Approaches to testing creative materials and concepts

Standard approaches usually do not work. When respondents come across something new, they activate hidden psychological mechanisms of avoiding risks and rationalizing the current situation

Testing creative materials

Therefore respondents usually vote for the most standard, closest-to-the-norm concept during standard focus group discussions or in-depth interviews. There is a need for instruments that would indirectly measure their irrational reaction.

More often, we use observations rather than a standardized discussion to test creative materials (being new for the product category under test).

The important criteria that analytic recearch rests upon:

  1. Vocabulary used for discussing this or that concept
  2. Ideas defended by respondents
  3. Emotional background
  4. Triggers of positive emotions
  5. Recall level of a concept and its elements
  6. Visual differentiation: to what extent a concept stands out from other competitive stimuli
  7. And no questions of the following kind: «What did you buy at the store?»

As a result, we receive a deeper processing of the material under test.

Oleg Naydenov