Package can be the only brand communication instrument

How can we influence consumers, if there is no budget for comprehensive media brand support?

Package as a communication instrument

In most categories, consumers take a decision on purchasing a specific brand directly at the store. We have several seconds to convince them.

To make package «communicate» with target consumers effectively, it is important to fill it with an appropriate meaning and visual image. The meaning and the image should complement each other.

It is important to thoroughly think over the following issues at the strategy and design development stage:

  • What do brand value and uniqueness consist in? How does its design communicate this uniqueness? A standard design being «like others» has no value for consumers.
  • What can help us attract consumer’s attention, be unique, arouse their interest?
  • How will a visual solution communicate product properties/ benefits in a comprehensible and emotional form?
  • What will the brand’s life be like outside its package? There is a need for an easy to remember image that is absolutely unique, memorable and easy to use in communication.

Probably, it is not all that it takes. But it is a foundation.