Is it possible to attract end consumers to generating new ideas for one’s brand and communication?

Approaches to generating new ideas

A classical interview is based on studying consumer’s experience. In its turn, consumer’s experience is largely formed by the communications of the brands existing in the market. Thus, the analysis of only consumer experience can give us just a slight increment to our existing knowledge (subtitle).

Without rejecting the classical marketing research methods, there is an obvious need for fundamentally new instruments that would allow one to take consumers beyond the framework of the category, while remaining within the product context.

We use one of these methods in our practice. Its name is «A Holiday». It is a written home task in the form of an essay to be done in compliance with a special format before a focus group interview with consumers.

This method has two benefits in comparison with other projective techniques.

  • A written essay does not imply an interviewer who imposes interview terminology and logic. Instead, we have a possibility to work with pure consumers’ improvisation using their individual terminology and images.
  • These methods give us a possibility to go deep into fantasies that are usually thoroughly hidden by consumers and not demonstrated by them. When immersed in a holiday atmosphere, the respondents get rid of restrictions, and have the freedom of fantasy, the possibility to go beyond reality while being who they are.

As a result, we have higher-quality «nourishment» for creative concepts in the end. We cannot set forth the examples of such projects for all to see, but you can have a look at them at our office.

Oleg Naydenov